Hot Rich Girl Becomes Obsessed With A Young Poor Boy Who Also Inlove With Other Girl (You Get Me)
A Crazy Rich Girl Becomes Obsessed With A Young Poor Boy | Making Love With another girl..

You Get Me is a 2017 American thriller film about an obsessed rich girl with a young poor boy,

The movie begins by showing a handsome man named, Tyler,
Tyler is a high school student who is currently in a romantic relationship with a beautiful woman named, Alison
Since dating Alison, Tyler's life has become more colorful.
But Tyler has never asked Alison to meet her parents because Tyler's parents are very busy.
usually, Tyler is only accompanied by his younger sister named Tiffany
Tyler works as a waitress at a cafe located on the beach.
Tyler and Alison have close friends named Gil and Lidya.
the four of them are inseparable friends.
They even often hang out together at the cafe where Tyler works.
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