A Column of Fire Review? Worth Buying?
I am interested in buying this book A Column of Fire, but not sure if this book worth buying? The author of the book A Column of Fire is Ken Follett. Not sure if this book is good or not, is there any good book reviews for A Column of Fire?

How you people think about the book A Column of Fire?
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I also want to know if A Column of Fire is a good romance fiction? Any book reviews?
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\"A Column of Fire\" is a historical fiction novel by Ken Follett, published in 2017. The book is set in 16th century Europe and follows the story of a young man named Ned Willard, who becomes involved in the religious and political conflicts of the time. Here are some key points to consider:


Ken Follett is known for his detailed and immersive historical fiction, and \"A Column of Fire\" is no exception, with many readers praising the depth and accuracy of the book\'s setting and historical context.

The book\'s characters, particularly protagonist Ned Willard, have been praised for their complexity and relatability, drawing readers into the story.

The book\'s themes of religious and political conflict, as well as love and loyalty, have been praised for their relevance and emotional impact.


Some readers have criticized the book\'s length and pacing, with the story\'s focus on political intrigue and complex historical context potentially being overwhelming or confusing.

Some readers have also criticized the book\'s depictions of violence and sex, which may not be suitable for all readers.

Overall, \"A Column of Fire\" is generally well-received by readers, particularly those who enjoy immersive historical fiction with complex characters and themes. However, the book\'s length and complex historical context may not be suitable for all readers, and some may find the depictions of violence and sex to be excessive. Ultimately, whether or not the book is worth buying will depend on individual tastes and preferences.
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