Texas Bride Review? Worth Reading?
I am interested in buying "Texas Bride", but not sure if this book worth buying? The author of "Texas Bride" is Joan Johnston. Not sure if "Texas Bride" is good or not, is there any good book reviews for Texas Bride?

How you people think about the book "Texas Bride"?
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\"Texas Bride\" is a historical romance novel by Joan Johnston, published in 1996. It is the first book in the \"Bitter Creek\" series, which follows the stories of the Creed family in Texas. Here are some key points to consider:


\"Texas Bride\" is a well-written and engaging historical romance, with many readers praising the book\'s character development and emotional depth.

The book\'s setting and historical context, set in 19th century Texas, have been praised for their accuracy and detail, drawing readers into the story.

The book\'s themes of love, family, and loyalty have been praised for their relevance and emotional impact.


Some readers have criticized the book\'s pacing, arguing that it can be slow at times and lacks a sense of urgency.

Some readers have also criticized the book\'s lack of diversity, with most of the characters being white and straight.

Some readers may find the book\'s content, which includes depictions of sex and violence, to be unsuitable for their tastes.

Overall, \"Texas Bride\" is generally well-received by readers who enjoy historical romance novels, particularly those with engaging characters and emotional depth. However, some readers may find the book\'s pacing slow, its lack of diversity concerning, or its content unsuitable for their tastes. Ultimately, whether or not the book is worth reading will depend on individual tastes and preferences.
3.0 Stars  on 3 month ago
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